BlueJireh’s story begins in 2005 when Randall Cottrell started the company, primarily in the fields of IT and aviation logistics, engineering and training. In 2021, BlueJireh redirected its attention specifically to aviation flight and maintenance training, system and parts obsolescence, engineering, and U.S. and foreign military coordination and logistics.

Today BlueJireh is an agile small business solving relevant commercial and government needs.



Through their support of The Jireh Institute and The BlueJireh Foundation, BlueJireh aims to be a part of the solution to resolving critical shortages in aviation personnel around the world, as well as provide opportunities for individuals to become a part of a workforce community and change their lives for the better.


Randall Cottrell can pinpoint the day his perspective on the world changed. He was 13 and his parents had taken him skiing in Sugar Mountain, North Carolina. “I was on top of the mountain, looked down and saw everything below me,” he recalls. “It hit me that if I can be up here, I can be anywhere and do anything. I only saw what was possible from that point on.

That literal mountaintop experience has shaped everything Randall has done in his life since, but he knew that aviation had to be part of the equation. In elementary school, Randall wrote the winning essay about Air Force legend Chuck Yeager. The result was a private flight with the man who broke the sound barrier in 1947. “We were in a 1940s T-34 military training aircraft flying above Montgomery, where I grew up,” he says. “I was in awe of him and in shock that I was there with him.”

Although there were tough times growing up in Montgomery as the son of a military man and a bookkeeper, Randall’s lens on life had already shifted to what was possible. The family moved to Birmingham and Randall graduated from Shades Valley High School and attended UAB on a cheerleading scholarship where he studied 3-D Design. Service in the Marines interrupted his college career, after which he returned and attended Lawson State Community College to study IT.