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Vanguard by Bluejireh

Helping academic organizations capture business and innovation at the speed of a startup.

Vanguard Explained

Our process

Vanguard by Bluejireh creates an expedited and sustainable pathway for innovation capture at academic institutions. Our solution helps discover hidden talent in academia, align the talent to our process, and collectively solve problems, capture innovation, and empower the institution to continue the effort long-term and progressively with less help from Vanguard. Additionally, our tool helps Government organizations align their contracting efforts to the the right college/university by analyzing the school and creating a pathway for federal contracting dollars to successfully enter and be turned into successful projects and solutions.


  • Understand current federal contract climate at college/university before and after exposure

  • Expose students and staff to micro contracts and low risk federal contracts

  • Measure impact of implementing vanguard at college/university



The US government as a whole desires to see substantially more federal contracts flow into colleges/universities. The current climate shows that many educational entities are unversed or unaware of contracting opportunities.

The Stages

Define the scope: Understand the students, the staff, the technology, and the goal

Implement: Build the teams, analyze current state, define action steps, introduce contracts

Report: Showcase results in easy to read and understand document that is loaded with insight.