Bluejireh Inc.
The Perfect Provider


The right solution, the right price, the right time.

Core Competencies/Swim Lanes


Information Technology

Information technology is critical to an organization’s success. We offer the services and the solutions that keep the organization running. Services include virtualization, wireless, networking, data-centers, cabling, fiber optics, software design, cyber-security, advisory, telecommunications, broadband, storage, relocation, logistics, training, and deployments.

Custom solutions

Bluejireh is the company you call when you know you need a solution but just don’t know what to do. We don’t mind if its weird, crazy, unheard of, or just downright impossible, we will step up and make it happen. We have the partners and resources to tackle nearly anything.

Research and development

Bluejireh is an experienced R&D partner with success in taking problems and turning them into well vetted solutions. We have expertise in the areas of radio frequency, UAV/UAS, environmental, energy, aviation, virtual reality, augmented reality, solar, wildlife management, smart city, SBIR, STTR, BAA, and OTAs.

alignment Assessments and analysis

We screen companies and people using our powerful video assessment software, expert technical analysis, and non-verbals to tell our clients the truth about alignment in just a few minutes, completely online. We ultimately measure alignment and we offer unprecedented insight for our clients.

Program/project management

Bluejireh is a capable program/project management provider and is effective in managing a variety of situations including events, training, logistics, aviation, construction, education, HR, design, wildlife, natural resources, foreign military sales, commercial and more. We believe in transparent reporting, and thorough communication