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Though structured cabling has existed for many years, the trends and technology surrounding current and future speed and bandwidth requirements change continually. You can trust Bluejireh to stay current and supply you with the right solutions for your needs. Our trained RCDD’s and BICSI installers provide detailed installations and properly documented cabling systems.


Through the years, we’ve developed a highly experienced team that provides design, layout and installation of all types of aerial, underground, buried and inter-building fiber optic communication projects. Our construction crews are equipped with the latest tools and equipment to install, terminate and test any size fiber optic.


Wireless provides not only a secure data transfer equal to copper cable but also is a great tool for asset tracking and lowering media cost for many applications. Bluejireh supplies the same reliable service and support offered in our structured cabling services.

Our expertise in structured cabling, combined with the convenience of an operational wireless network based on your needs means you get a high-quality, more economical installation when you use NCI. We provide design, planning and installation of all types of wireless LANs as well.   We are a certified Aruba partner and a certified Xirrus partner.

We also offer a DAS (distributed antenna system), an efficient tool to distribute wireless connections throughout a large area where interior and exterior structures interfere with a wireless signal. A DAS can be used to eliminate “dead zones” by routing radio frequency signals through fiber optics or copper cabling from a single base station to multiple antennas located throughout the building. One DAS can be designed to distribute all of the cellular telephone signals from various cellular telephone companies all around and within your facility.


Cable management is a process/solution that involves organizing any kind of cable using specific products, techniques, and standards to relieve strain on cables, provide support for cables, organize cables, and make them aesthetically pleasing.

Why utilize cable management?
1. Datacom and Telecom cables are especially susceptible to performance loss due to physical strain. Basically, unsupported weight, pinching, extreme angles, and other physical factors can and usually do cause performance loss .
2. Proper cable management makes it easy to troubleshoot issues, easy to add new cables, and easy to replace failed hardware because switches, patch panels, routers, etc. are easily accessible and more visible.


What is Network Mapping?
When a developer builds a new neighborhood, one of the first things they do is map it based on streets and addresses. Network Mapping works the same way and is equally important. A network can tell you exactly where any device is on your physical network, just like a street map can tell you where a specific address is.

Why utilize Network Mapping?
1. Organization saves time, and time savings = money savings. Let’s say your computer loses internet access and you call your IT guy:
i) He checks computer
ii) He checks cable going to wall
iii) He decides the line running to your wall from the switch needs to be checked
iv) He can’t figure out which line on the switch is associated with your office
v) You have to call someone else or wait until he traces the line (which could take a while and more tools.) The alternative is to have the network mapped. When a network is mapped correctly, your IT guy knows exactly where everything is and how it’s connected, instead of searching for a “house” with no physical address.

2. In the event of an emergency, expansion, renovation, you can better assess what you have available hardware wise, and make decisions accordingly.


Deploying technologies and integrating them with existing systems often prove to be difficult endeavors for many businesses. Internal IT resources may be capable, but other conditions can create major roadblocks:

Diminished IT headcount
Lack of specific expertise in new technologies
Rapidly-shrinking timelines
Lack of experience integrating solutions across multi-organizational companies

Without bandwidth and prior experience deploying and integrating a specific solution—along with the need to address immediate, day-to-day end-user needs—IT is often forced to delay major technology projects.In extreme cases, the project never gets off the ground or reaches a successful conclusion. The business then finds itself hampered by inefficient business processes that continue to prevent end users for performing their jobs effectively.

Deployment Services

Bluejireh Solution Deployment and Integration gives you access to field-tested experts and with real-world experience. We design and deploy technologies that not only leverage existing systems but also positioning you to easily integrate new technologies that emerge in the future.

Our service delivery methodology eliminates assumptions and reduces risk to ensure success throughout the lifecycle of your project. Our engineering and project management teams stay in lock-step with you from project inception to completion.

As we collaborate with your internal IT team, we can advise you on all possible technology solutions and help you select those that make the most sense for your business. In addition to our deep understanding of technologies, we also comprehend the business process aspects as well as the needs of end users. This combination allows us to recommend solutions that work well for all stakeholders.

IT counsel

IT counsel is exactly what it sounds like. We are the people you call before you make a big IT decision. Have you ever needed an expert on a particular technology but didn’t want to hire him/her? Have you ever wished you could bring in that expert for just a few days or hours and pick their brain? With IT counsel you can. Along with aligning you with experts for short term strategy, planning, and problem solving, we offer several more services. Take a look at this short powerpoint.