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Who Are We?
Bluejireh Inc.

Bluejireh was founded in 2005 and found initial success in cabling, as we matured, we moved into more complex IT services. However, no matter how complex IT can get, we believe in simplicity, efficiency, and family. By family, we mean the families of our staff and our customers. We believe that if we do our job right, everyone can be at home on time to spend time with their families.

We are based primarily in Birmingham, AL but are growing steadily and now have presence in Georgia and California.

Certified SBA 8(a), VOSB, MBE

Recent News
20 Oct 17

Chasing the Dollar….

Entrepreneurship is the big craze right now, and I am a willing participant in it.  I have owned many businesses…

20 Oct 17

Its time for citywide wifi

Its time for Citywide Wi-Fi in Birmingham Technology is everywhere. Technology is proving to be efficient, scalable, and effective, especially in the education…